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As mentioned before here on my blog, thanks to publishing platform three readers were able to win a free paperback version of my novel “Face Value”. The competition ended on december 31st and I am happy to announce to you the three winners! And: stay tuned for the next competition and prizes to be won reading Face Value on sweek!

Read on Sweek and win prizes!

Sweek is known for its engaged reading community. With selected projects, Sweekers can be rewarded for their contribution to the community, either by sharing stories or commenting on them. Followers of Face Value on Sweek can also win prizes! The first “Face Value” competition went as follows: “Each chapter presents another question, and you can join the discussion too. As many times as you would like. Be bold, be curious, be respectful. December 21st, Sweek will choose 3 participants and we’ll send them a copy of Face Value!” The competition was extended to december 31st 2017, and I am very excited to announce the three winners today!

More than 2000 reads on Sweek already

More than 2000 bookhungry readers have already checked out “Face Value” on, which has been the third entry on Sweek’s ‘featured stories’ list for a few weeks now. That brings the total readership of the story up to around 8,500, and counting! Many of these readers have liked, followed, and commented – some by commenting on the story as per the competition description, and some in private messages. The Sweek team and I went through the comments and picked three lucky winners. I am proud to be able to announce them here:

…And the winners are:

The three commenters whose comment was posted under the story and whose comments were viewed as most interesting or surprising were:

Congratulations to you all, and thanks so much for your comments! Each of you will be contacted by the sweek team and a hardcopy version of “Face Value” will be sent to you by mail! Begin 2018 with a fresh, free and (hopefully) awesome read!

And for the rest of us lovers of mystery novels?

Of course you can continue reading “Face Value” online for free; here or on And if you prefer reading on paper, and would love your own copy, you can always buy your copy via the sweek webshop. Of course there are many more cool mystery novels you can read online, often for free. Would you like to find out how? Read this blog and have fun!

Stay tuned for the next competition, where you’ll be able to win some fancy schmancy “Face Value” merchandise!