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Finding the best new mysteries and thrillers online

It can be hard to find good new mystery books to read. How do you discover that really great new mystery writer? A few problems with the search, and a few pointers for you. Great and as yet unknown mysteries and thrillers can be found, if you know where to look.


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You like reading, and you specifically like reading something suspenseful. Something that builds up your burning question – who was it? Who did it? What is the solution to the puzzle? If this is you, and especially if you’re a reasonably intelligent reader who’s been around the online or offline bookstore, it can be hard to find good new mystery books to read. How do you discover that really great new mystery writer?

Where do you find that great mystery book?

Where do you discover your next favorite? How can you find an as yet unknown, awesome mystery or thriller? Where do you find that one story that’s built up in such a way that it keeps you hooked and keeps you guessing? In the words of ‘The Oracle’ from The Matrix – it’s a pickle, no doubt about it. But I do have some advice for you, to point you in the right direction.

Where you would usually search for mystery novels for adults


Normally, in this day and age, you would go to an online bookstore. Or, if you’re a little more old school about your stuff, you would browse the library or the little old Mom & Pop bookstore around the corner. But as we all know they’re all more or less dependent from publishers and their networks of marketers and agents, and so they all end up serving more or less the same, often hyped thing. 50 shades of grey, anyone? And don’t even get me started on Amazon or Kindle – or, how do you find a needle in a haystack?

Crowdsource your discovery of new writers and stories

Go online! But don’t just start to randomly Google. Although, it’s hilarious to think that that’s exactly how you found my site, and this article that’s here to help you. Either way – next time you’re looking (or, right now – I won’t mind) go to these new emerging online platforms where new talent is starting to spread its wings. And where the wisdom of the crowd itself is there to curate, provide feedback and to tell you which new up-and-comers in the realm of mystery writing you should be looking out for.

Online reading and writing platforms

I’m talking about platforms like Sweek or Wattpad, which are specifically designed to connect readers with new and talented authors. Medium is a third I would mention, although it’s originally geared more toward blogging and short-form content. Medium has recently been making somewhat of a push toward serials, which is apparently the main way a lot of young new readers are reading online today.

Of course there are many, many more online reading platforms and apps, but for the purpose of this story I’m going to focus on Wattpad and Sweek. These two have the most relevance to discovering new writing talent, awesome new mystery and thriller books, and also provide a nice user experience. And then some.

Wattpad vs Sweek

In my humble opinion, two great examples of online writing and reading platforms are Wattpad and Sweek. Wattpad has been flourishing for quite some years now and arguably has the upper hand when it comes to quantity and brand name. There are more than 40 million users on the platforms, and a lot of those are aspiring novelists themselves.

Wattpad has also effectively proven that great stories can arise from the ‘hive mind’ that is an online platform; several authors have been guided toward a contract with either a well-known publishing house or a Hollywood production firm, to write for movies or TV-series. Super awesome, right?

Read mystery novel free, take it offline and/or buy

Sweek has the upper hand when it comes to freshness – they’ve only officially launched in 2016 – yet already boasts a few hundred thousand very active members. They also win out in the department of reading offline – next to making stories available to your device offline with the flip of a virtual switch, Sweek actually enables and guides authors to publish their finished stories in the form of a paperback. For all you offline readers. Reportedly, Sweek also has the most engaged user base, which seems to foster a strong sense of community.

Read free mystery novels online

So, you want to find the next tantalizing mystery novel that will keep you curled up in a chair for just too long to be healthy? Head over to one of these platforms, and knock yourself out. Be sure to filter for “Mystery” or “Thriller” and definitely check out their “Featured lists”. ‘Featured’ usually means something along the lines of ‘this story has had a great response from our online reading community and/or we the owners of the platform view this story as having a great level of quality’.

Most of the stories can be read free; to my knowledge buying a hardcopy or integral digital version of the mystery novel of your choosing is possible only at A great way to support the author and give yourself or a loved one a neat and wholesome present!

Face Value – the mystery novel

My very own mystery novel “Face Value’’, of course – I almost forgot. If you’d like to start reading a slightly more philosophical and lightly erotic story for free right now, you can head over to the homepage of this site and enjoy. As a matter of fact “Face Value” is also available via and listed as a featured story there.

Ultimately, if you like the story enough that you want to own it and support the author, you’re very much welcome to buying the paperback, delivered to your doorstep anywhere across the globe, also courtesy of Sweek.

Was this article helpful? What are platforms that you would recommend for finding great mystery books? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.