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Marketers, brand managers.

Interested in this brand new format for branded content? More information about what it could mean for your brand, to be associated with this project or projects like these? More engagement, more authentic stories to share on your social media and other outlets? Explore the possibilities for sponsoring and sharing and get in touch.

Publicists, news media & bloggers.

Interested in the story behind the story? Thinking about writing or broadcasting about the Face Value project, its goals, its scope, and its creators? Interested in the possibilities for collaboration and mutual strengthening? Want to learn more about the ideas behind this experiment and this new format for storytelling? Get in touch.


What is a book? What is a novel? You may have been thinking about novel ways to share a story in 2016. About a new business model for publishing, even. How do you get readers to read? Interested in this particular story, and in the new way of sharing it? Like to get involved or simply swap viewpoints and ideas? Get in touch.

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If you like the concept, or have begun reading and like the story, and you’d like to do more than just enjoy it or maybe tell your friends about it, here’s what you can do: share digitally. All of us who are online and active on social media today, we all have a voice. We have the potential to reach a million people. Use the share buttons on this site to share on social media, but please don’t let those buttons limit you. Share photographs, the videos, the soundtrack “Over me” . Blog about us, use the #facevaluethebook or #facevalue hashtags on social media. Post on Coca Cola, Apple, Microsoft, Jack Daniel’s, and Armani’s social pages, tag them in posts or tweets and contact them, asking them to share and sponsor. Now, if you’re still reading this, and if all that’s not enough for you, well then my friend; you are a true fan. Would you please fill out the contact form above?

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Face Value was created with passion, by author and concepter Erwin Lima and the rest of the Face Value team. It is a project produced by Neo Alpha, registered trade name under Mr James Creative. We thank you for visiting this website, and clicking beyond the homepage, through to the contact page. And for reading all the way to the bottom. Thank you for your time, interest and attention. Have you checked out all of the available chapters, and media? Have you “passed on the key“? Either way, we are grateful to have you here. Have a nice day.