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How deep is your like?

It’s already really weird and complicated

Show of hands, be honest, how many of us have met their significant other through a digital meeting place? How weird is it, if you think about it, to judge potential bedmates lined up for you with the swipe of a finger? How many of us have fallen in love while texting or chatting online? How do you decide when to make it Facebook official? It’s complicated.

Are you a digital crazy person if you keep track of who likes and responds to pictures of your lover online? Does your man take his phone with him wherever he goes, even to the toilet and into the shower? Why are you so conscious of what your significant other does and doesn’t do with his or her phone anyway?

Have you ever had to fight the urge to secretly snoop in your romantic partner’s digital private space? Has the urge ever won?

It’s fun and it’s beautiful

Digital loving can also be a blessing. I for one have met my beautiful, smart, sexy, hilarious and very, very wise girlfriend online. Our daughter is one of a generation of Tinder babies.

We text each other sweet messages and make the feels just that more palpable with emoji’s. I send her little poems from time to time, on the fly.

We tag each other in gross things online, and DM each other really beautiful quotes and poems on love and sex and everything else. I love her a few bits extra, digitally.

Zoe…It’s only gonna get more weird in the near future

Meanwhile, I just watched the Netflix movie ‘Zoe’ tonight, together with my lady. We were blown away. As if Black Mirror hadn’t warped our minds and our thinking about love and relationships in the very near and less near future enough. ‘Zoe’ is an absolute cinematic and specifically scenaric gem and a brilliant philosophical timepiece. I will not spoil it for you. Go watch that!

ZOE Official Trailer (2018) Léa Seydoux, Ewan McGregor Movie HD

My dear reader, love and relationships for us humans are going to get many, many times more weird and complicated in the future, with artificial intelligence that will be less and less easily distinguishable from loving, empathetic, sexy intelligent and emotionally available and flawed humans.

Already it’s difficult sometimes to distinguish between an automated message or a personal text; areal person or a robotic voice on the phone. Already Real Dolls that can maintain short social chatter are available and wanted in the market.

Things are going to get gradually more weird, with our gradual acceptance of the coming bizarre. Remember, even when asked, none of us could imagine owning a mobile phone no more than twenty years ago.

And what if the notion of decentralisation and democratisation that blockchain thinking entails, has a side effect? What if it reinforces current trends among youngsters that nobody needs to personally own anything, and everything comes down to being about sharing and access? Could that one day apply to love and sex too?

Mystery novel on love in the digital age?

Would you like to read and ponder more about love in these, our digital times? I have. Maybe you should give mystery novel “Face Value” a try. A love triangle in the middle of smartphone, social media and identity hacking mayhem. Go check it out: I’d love to hear what you think.

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