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Of course it’s incredibly hard for me as a writer to explain why you should buy my book. This is me trying to add value to your life. This is also me trying to get passed of my fear and loathing of shameful self-promotion. I’m the one who wrote it. If you want to read about love in the digital age, this might be for you. You should see for yourself why Face Value would be an interesting read for you, dear reader.


All I can tell you is why many people feel this story is so unique, and how it stands out. I can tell you what kind of stories are somewhat similar to it, and that may have inspired it – if you like these, you may very well like Face Value. Finally – don’t take it from me – I can tell you what other readers like you have said about it.


Are you interested in stories about Love in the digital age?

The main thing that sets Face Value apart as a mystery novel is that it dives into how tricky it can be to maintain love or a relationship in the digital age. It also touches on maintaining traditional gender role division and loyalty versus cheating, in the age of social media.


Ready to solve the mystery of love in the digital age? Order Face Value now, and have the read of a lifetime!

Buy Face Value now at Sweek – limited offer from €14.86 now for €11.50!




Do you like mind-bending mysteries mixed with romance and conspiracy themes?

The story of Face Value was inspired by life, imagination, and a ton of priorly existing stories and movies. To name a few, there’s The Matrix, Black Mirror, Fight Club, The Zahir by Paulo Coelho, the MTV show Catfish, The Da Vinci Code and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Recently, Netflix have released a wonderful film called Zoe, which handles the same essential subject matter only in a slghtly more distant future.


If you like complex mysteries intertwined with philosophy, musings about the effects of technology on our love lives and alternative theories about the hidden workings of the world, order Face Value and start reading now.


Buy Face Value now at Sweek – limited offer from €14.86 now for €11.50!


Join over 11,000 readers and solve the mystery

11,000 readers is not very much for a book published by a major publishing house. But for an indie author, 11,000 is a big number, especially if it’s the number of readers for a debut novel! Yes, I’m fairly proud of this neat feat and I ain’t about to hide it!


How did my readers receive Face Value? Generally, they say they like the way it is written and they enjoy the flow of the words; that they fall in love with the character Lily fairly quickly, and that all three characters in the Love triangle that evolves have a certain mysterious quality to them. Some readers have said that they appreciate the breadth in vocabulary, others find it slightly challenging (although nothing google couldn’t help them solve 😉 ).


A gripping mystery novel

Finally, many have said that the mystery was gripping, and various readers have messaged me privately at the time that they figured it out! You think you’ll be able to solve the mystery quickly? Order Face Value and start reading now!


What other readers are saying about this mystery novel

Like I said; don’t take my word for it. Here’s what other readers of Face Value have said online:


Tandaleyo Hall – @Tandaleyo_Hall (via

“Great book…Geat read.”


Princess Urduja – @jazmiharanni (via

“You already got me hooked. Anyway, how did your book get in the prime slots?”


Sachita – @sachita (via

“Really deep love, detailed descriptions.”


Order Face Value now, and read the love story of a digital lifetime

Buy Face Value now at Sweek – limited offer from €14.86 now for €11.50!

Buy Face Value now at Sweek – limited offer from €14.86 now for €11.50!