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Happy Sunday. It’s been a while since you’ve gotten an update from us. And meanwhile, the first series of Face Value has come to an end. I wanted to give you an update about the newest news about the book. And briefly discuss the results of the experiment with you.
First: the experiment. We wanted to publish a book online, for free, and see how many people we could reach with essentially zero budget. And we wanted to see if we could blaze a trail for a new kind of content marketing. Finally, one full-time working dad was gonna take care of the online publishing, marketing and social media for all of the project.
The results? Fatigue, for one. Appareny it’s kind of an ordeal working full-time and doing a big project like this on your sparse spare time. But: “The future belongs to those who create it”, right?
And gratitude. Many, many people reached out and helped out; iding in the creation of content, sharing online, asking their own networks for attention and commenting with private critques and public praise. Thank you all so much!
Third: we fell short of reaching our desired 1.000.000 readers mark 😉 But we did manage to grow here on Facebook, from 300 to 1800 followers. Thanks to you all, between 15,000 and 20,000 pairs of eyes saw the full video trailer for Face Value here. We grew from 350 to 1260 followers on Twitter, and the site received more than 300 visitors per month on average. The most viewed free chapter has been viewed 1298 times up to date! Awesome, right?
And then our latest news: You can now BUY Face Value – the novel online! A lot of comments around the project have been along the lines of ;”It looks great, and it’s cool to read online but… I’d really love to be able to hold and read the whole bo.” If this is you, be sure to check out and stay tuned for updates on Amazon and Kindle availability.