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Awesome news – Face Value, the mystery novel is getting a revamp! It’s 6000 or so first readers have spoken up about the story and the visitor data to the website has as well. These insights have led to a slick rewrite and a new collaboration. is one of the up-and-comers in the world of online publishing, who unlike others like Wattpad allow readers to take it offline and own the story that they’re falling in love with as a paperback or e-book. Face Value will soon be available via the Sweek platfom, as a paperback and e-book.

Featured story: Face Value

“Face Value” is the (debut) mystery novel by Erwin Lima that evolves around a few key questions: What if the key to having it all, was suddenly thrown into your lap one day? All of the money, success, love and attention you could ever have imagined. What would be the value of it all? Would it be real? And, who does she keep texting? Sweek is promoting Face Value as a “featured story”, starting from November 21st, 2017. A new episode will be online every Tuesday and Thursday.

Sabine van der Plas, Sweek co-founder and Marketing Manager: “The story feels a little bit like Fifty Shades of Grey, but with a deeper philosophical message. And a little more rough around the edges in terms of writing style. We expect the story to do very well in the millennial and Gen Z demographics.”

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Sweek is known for its engaged reading community. With selected projects, Sweekers can be rewarded for their contribution to the community, either by sharing stories or commenting on them. Followers of Face Value on Sweek can also win prizes! Each chapter presents another question, and you can join the discussion too. As many times as you would like. Be bold, be curious, be respectful. December 21st, Sweek will choose 3 participants and we’ll send them a copy of Face Value!

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