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Pass on the key selfie challenge

What can I win?

Dinner for two at Aqua Asia Club:
A dinner for two at the exclusive fusion restaurant Aqua Asia Club in Rotterdam. Experience the taste of Asia while enjoying the magnificient view of the Maas and the Erasmus Bridge.

Aqua Asia 1 Aqua Asia 2

Coffee for two at Lebkov and Sons Rotterdam:
Enjoy coffee at Lebkov and Sons in Rotterdam for two. First smell the fresh coffee beans and than taste the difference!

Have your picture featured, and become a character in the novel:
If we like your selfie that much, you will be in the story. Yes, in the actual online publication of the book!

How do you play?

– Upload your selfie with the Face Value key (be pretty in that picture. Bonus points for classy-sexy and bonus points for black and white).

– Upload your selfie on the Facebook page of Face Value the Book. Also, be so kind as to like our page, would you?

– Use the following hashtags:

– Tag people in your upload to challenge with you.


– Be creative. Don’t just stand there with the key in your hand. Many ways to pass on a key, right? Show us!

– The selfie with the most likes obviously wins. All those likes are telling us that you are the one who passed on the key the most times. “Mac” would be proud of you…

Where can I find one of these keys?

You can get your key at Aqua Asia Club, at Lebkov and Sons Rotterdam, ask one of our Face Value friends or send us an email with your address and we will send you your own key!

Not from Holland/the Netherlands?

Don’t worry! We will send 100 keys into the world per helium balloon on september 10th. Did you find a key? For you there will be a special prize. Upload a photo of your key and tell us where you found it.