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Hi Wattpad,

Disclaimer: This is almost exactly the message I left the Wattpad team via their feature request form this week, since I couldn’t find a decent other way of getting in touch with them. I’ve also been tweeting at them, trying not to come across as overly enthusiastic (which is hard). Now mind you; I want much more than to be just featured on Wattpad. And: the first real question on their form is: ‘Why should we feature your story?’ 

Dear Wattpad; this is my answer to your question. And then some.

Since you’re asking me: I think you should want to feature my story “Face Value” because it’s a captivating coming of age story, a mystery and a romance novel – in that order – that touches on themes relevant to young adults today. ‘What is the value of it all?’ is the main question, but other questions the main character has to deal with are ‘what is the relationship between money and love, romance and sex?’; ‘what is the correlation between attention, success, money and self-esteem?’; ‘who is that person she seems to be constantly texting?’

But what I really want – and I’m asking it as if I hadn’t noticed the light discouraging language here on your contact page – is more than just having my story featured on wattpad. Go ahead and visit my website, check out the book trailer and the rich, mobile friendly styling of the chapters (music, videos and custom made professional black and white portrait photography). Look up our Facebook page (@Facevaluthebook – more than 1700 followers; not bad for an indie author, right?) and read below to find out why I think a collaboration between Wattpad and my team would be a good idea for all of us.

Face Value is a finished mystery novel that I started publishing online, for free, and serialized, because as an experienced content marketer and passionate writer, I believed that this would be great, highly engaging content for brands willing to reach an audience made up of gen-Y’ers and gen-Z’ers. I would be able to create a situation where everybody wins, as brands have just the reach and budgets needed to lift creative talents up out of anonymity and relative poverty. We were doing pretty well in terms of reach and readership – not so much in the acquisition department, yet – when, as I was researching for a blog entry for one of the two biggest marketing platforms in The Netherlands (where I’m from) I stumbled upon Wattpad. Great, so my idea wasn’t as wildly unique and weird as I thought it was. Awesome for me! This is the point where I tell you that if being featured isn’t on the table, and building a partnership isn’t either, I’m still definitely going to set up an account with you guys and see how it can strengthen my reach and rapport with readers in English-speaking countries.

What collaborating with the Face Value team would mean for Wattpad? Well: “Face Value” is going to be the first online novel experience that was built by an online marketer, in such a way that the contents apparently can truly compete with the multisensory barrage of content found on other social media – apart from being written pretty well and with an intriguing story arc. We’re sorry if the chapters, media and website are prettier in terms of styling and design than 99% of the stories already on Wattpad. Face Value is also probably the first novel that has specific brand placements seamlessly written into the body of it, and the same specific brands were made part of the visual experience as well. Oh, it’s also designed mobile-first. I really think a collaboration would be mutually beneficial.

In short: The team and I would love to hear from one of your people (maybe Amanda Lai, Catalina Lee, or even Allen Lau or Ivan Yuen – that would be awesome) . A telephone, or better yet Skype talk would be great.

I’m personally going to be directly tweeting to your people, and in case I don’t hear back from you in about a week, I’m definitely going to start sharing my story on Wattpad – I am after all fairly impressed and happy with what I have only recently discovered – and in that case; I’ll see you on the other side.

Since you’re on my blog: get in touch with me here.