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What is Face Value?

Face Value is three things:

It is a story.

Face Value is a mystery novel, that evolves around a few key questions:
What if the key to having it all was thrown into your lap one day? What would “it all” mean? Lead by his illusive benefactor, main character Angelo finds his answers in a sticky, triangle-shaped maze, spread across Western Europe, North America and finally Africa. What is real, what really matters and what has true value?

It is a new way to experience a story.

In search of finding a way to share a novel that fits with the spirit of the times, Face Value is shared as an online series; a new chapter will be online every week. People are reading less. But people are used to holding their smartphones wherever they go. Social media have made us used to being stimulated not only with words, but with photography, video, and music. That’s why Face Value is colored with beautiful black & white photography by Tim Schipper, short video clips and music. Imagine reading a scene and listening to the music from that scene playing in the background.

It is a content marketing experiment.

What is an experiment? A way to test certain assumptions about reality. For instance; is this indeed an exciting and pleasurable new way of experiencing a story? But also; could this way of sharing someones creative ideas be the basis for a global brand’s new marketing campaign?

Neo Alpha, iniators of the Face Value project have been working in online content marketing for a few years. They have noticed that more and more brands are starting to share, sponsor and endorse art and messages that do not directly revolve around their products, but in stead focus on forming a true connection with their audience, based on shared interests. What if we could create a platform for brands and creatives to come together for their mutual benefit, and the public’s?

Are you a brand or marketing manager and are you getting interested? Get in touch.

Why Face Value?


This project is brought to you, and in the form in which it is brought to you, for a reason. To try and make the world better. To make the world more beautiful. To make the internet better & prettier. By art. And to connect; which is what words are supposed to do and what stories do, when applied from the heart. And to do what marketing, the internet, and (social) media were meant to do: To truly connect people to each other, on an emotional level. To use honest, grass-roots art as an experiment for content marketing. So that brands can add value by virtue of their marketing. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

And to draw attention. “Attention to what?”, you ask? To the writing of Erwin Lima? To this production by the Face Value team? To this new concept for brand marketing content? Meh. I guess. A little bit. But while you’re here: what we would most like to draw your attention to is the people you see here, below. And to the idea that large-scale or small-scale; we all can make a difference. And we are already doing so, more each day. Click on one of the tiles below to make more of a difference today than you did yesterday:

Why couldn’t you, or why wouldn’t your organization try and help someone else; a little guy or girl, up?

Meet the Face Value team


The team:


Varsha Bahadoer – Fellow concepter, editor, project manager and assistant executive producer. Marketing & PR strategy consultant and executive.

Tim Schipper – Photographer, videographer and video editor. Creative consultant and assistant director of photography, courtesy of

Aarti Bhattoe – Head MUA, artistic Make-up designer.

Justine de Jong – Model/actress for all face Value media. Courtesy of

Erwin Lima –  Author of Face Value, concepter of the Face Value project and executive producer of all Face Value media. Marketing strategist.

Collaborating partners of the Face Value project video & photography media:


Aqua Asia restaurant, Rotterdam NL

Apartt restaurant bar, Rotterdam NL

Lebkov & sons, Rotterdam NL

“De Rotterdam”  building, Rotterdam NL

Nhow bar  & hotel, Rotterdam NL

And special thanks to:


Varsha Bahadoer, Tim Schipper, Aarti Bhattoe, Justine de Jong, Jeremy in ‘t Hout – Mr Datiq, Amar “Amarguitars”, Dredlock studios, Roel Stavorinus, Paul Vis, Gladys van Velse, Martin Shu, Tim van Waas, Andreas Loizou, Atinc Gungor, Benvindo Lima, Maria Lima, Berdien Lima, Mnasse tesfai, Tisha van Bedaf.