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Face Value

The mystery novel by Erwin Lima. What is the secret connection between success, self-esteem, money, love and sex? Read online, free. New episode online every week on Saturday.

Welcome, dear reader

To the world of Face Value – and all that lies beneath. Face Value is a mystery novel by Erwin Lima that evolves around a few key questions: What if the key to having it all, was suddenly thrown into your lap one day? All of the money, success, love and attention you could ever have imagined. Would you be able to believe in it? What would be the value of it all? Would it be real?

For a taste of what’s to come, view the video:

Face Value is not like any other novel, and it is brought to you unlike any other story you’ve ever experienced. This is a story that will be shared with you online, chapter by chapter. Illustrated with sleek photography by TSphotographics, and music in the background of each scene. Read the synopsis below, and stay tuned for the –

 – New episode online every Saturday

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First episode online september 10th, 2016